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DJ Kriss-X aka Christophe Daul was born the 3rd October 1984 in France.

Fascinated by music since his was very young, he begin at the age of 9 in the music being a percussionist in a rock band. Influenced by all music style, it is at the age of 16 that he start to be interested in the electronic music by going out in club of his region. Having a great admiration for the DJ's, he decide then to buy for his 18th birthday his first decks and start to learn the mix.
At the age of 20 & after some parties, he obtains his first residence in his favourite Dance, Trance & Hardstyle Club "Le Subway". Then, one year later, he decide to leave this club and during 4 years he take various residences and play in different parties.

After the pleasure to play records from other djs he want to put a step forward by producing his own music. He release his first track "Move The Floor" in November 2009 featuring Darook MC on Vortex's imprint Smashin'Tunes Records. In July 2010, he debut his carrer on FSC Records. Presented by TRANCE GENERATOR his new track MC'S & DJ'S Featuring MC Fixout and supported by many strong remixes is an instant success.

Now Kriss-X is working hard in his studio to deliver some strong tunes and remixes for FSC Records...