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Since her youngest age, Manon was always attracted to music. Her passion led her to study piano at the conservatory. But she quickly realizes that this is not what she seeks and ends her studies. During a night out with friends she discovered the Hardcore sounds and falls in love. Since then, she moved on parties and during one of them, she discovered Hardstyle. These Hard sounds mixed with beautiful melodies make her rediscover the electronic scene. Her passion for the music grows from party to party and soon she realizes that she needs more than just going out to dance.

It is her meeting with TRANCE GENERATOR pioneer of Hardstyle which will allow her to blossom.
Indeed, there was a good feeling between the two friends, and he proposes to work on a collaboration. Manon accepted without hesitation. From this collaboration the project MANON is born. Her first single "It's Time!" was number 1 on various online stores including Juno and TrackItDown to name a few.

This success gave her the chance to mix in one of the largest parades in the world with between 500,000 and 1,000,000 ravers: THE STREET PARADE.

Currently she works hard in the studio on her second single to be released soon.