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Audio Damage aka Nicholas Zupan, started to be associated with electronic music way back in the early nineties. His major passion back then was hardcore and first started producing on a tiny program called impulse tracker. This program taught him the basic elements of production and was a stepping stone for things to come. Amidst the turn of the century a new style was being created which was a mixture of hard trance and hard core elements, this was soon to be known as hard style. Once Nicholas had heard of this innovative new sound he immediately knew the style of music he was meant to create. In 2004 the first release with the assistance of the Trance Generators was ready to be shown to the world.

This first release was called AUDIO DAMAGE – GARLIC BREATH TOSSER. No one knew what to expect from this new talent from down under, but as sales for this monster release soared it can be seen that Audio Damage was going to remain strong competition within the hard style market. The first release had phenomenal success and in 2005 the follow up was due, this track was called AUDIO DAMAGE – GO KILL SOMDEBODY.

The second release was received well by the public and was played at all major events in Holland and throughout the world such as X-Qlusive Holland vs. Italy (NL), Defqon1 (NL), Q-Base (DE) and many more. It was in such demand legendary DJ Isaac asked to license the track for his CD ‘Under the Needle’. With only two releases down Nicholas had already well established his name within the hard style community both aboard and in his home town.

The year 2006 was also a good year for Nicholas as he was asked by the Trance Generators to do a remix for one of their tracks TRANCE GENERATORS - DO U WANNA BALLOON. He was also asked by other labels in Holland and Italy do various remixes for. Nicholas has a bright future ahead of him as 2007 started off with a bang with the release of AUDIO DAMAGE – PAIN / ATTACK THE CLUB. There are also many other projects in the making which should make for an exciting year.